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SDR Book Bundle

NOTE: Save $25 when ordering BOTH the SDR Workbook and SDR Practice Exams together using the buttons below.


The PayPal/Credit card amounts of $221 and $206 shown below include $140 for the SDR Workbook, $75 for the SDR Practice Exams, a $25 discount for the SDR Book Bundle, CA sales tax (for California orders ONLY), and USPS Priority Mail shipping fee (for all orders).


Credit Card or PayPal Orders: sales tax and/or shipping is included, select the appropriate shipping destination from the drop down menu below.


Multiple SDR Book Bundle and/or international orders: e-mail to determine the required shipping charges.


Shipment: orders are sent USPS Priority Mail, usually the day following receipt of payment (typical delivery time of 3 to 4 business days).

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