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SDR Testimonials

"Thank you for what you do. There is zero chance that I would have passed this exam without your reference materials and webinar course."

John Z., PE I Bakersfield, CA

“Mr. Hiner made studying for the structural part of the PE fun and interesting. He presented the material in a logical way that was engaging, even to people like me who don’t have any background in structures. I found the materials he had meticulously put together for the course were indispensable during the exam. His webinar helped me learn a huge amount about structures in an organized fashion.”

Rachael H., MS, PE | Sacramento, CA

“I would like to say that I really enjoyed your course. You not only did a great job explaining the topics in class, but your workbook turned out to be a very, very useful tool in both studying for the exam and during the exam.”

Arturo V., PE | Beaumont, CA

“I wish I had taken your course sooner! Your workbook really breaks all the concepts down into smaller material that is a lot easier to digest.”

Francisco S., PE | Sacramento, CA

“Worth every penny to buy the webinars! I would not have passed without the additional commentary, handouts, and online CBT practice exam.”

Steven J., PE | Oceanside, CA

“The On-Demand course was invaluable and did a wonderful job explaining the more difficult concepts (particularly diaphragms) that reading text/example problems in the SDR Workbook just couldn't convey.”

Andrew C., PE | San Francisco, CA

“After two attempts on my own I decided to take Hiner's class. This class was instrumental to me passing the exam on my third attempt. Hiner has done an exceptional job summarizing the content and the subjects needed to pass the exam. I found his manual to be the most thorough, conclusive, and clearly articulated. His class is extremely well structured and geared toward helping people at all stages get through this exam ... he works very hard to make sure that you have the best chances of passing possible.”

Jonathon L., PE | Half Moon Bay, CA

“I felt ready to take the test immediately after our final class. Though the test was intimidating at times, if I just referred to your well-prepared workbook, I was able to answer most questions with ease.”

Nathan S., PE | Fresno, CA

“Best class I have ever taken in college and my 29-year career.”

Brian S., PE, SE | Boise, ID

“Thanks again for your attention to detail and meticulously well-organized prep course. I consider your course money well spent.”

Bill F., PE | Santa Rosa, CA

“I would have never passed without your course. The material you presented was easily understood and was absolutely in-line with the exam.”

Lacy C., PE | Davis, CA

“My first exam attempt involved self-studying, but it wasn't enough. After taking the SDR On-Demand Webinars, the exam was easy the second time. The materials provided in the course are worth their weight in gold. In fact, it was almost fun taking the exam! Do yourself a favor and take the SDR course before your first attempt; you'll be happy you did.”

Devin K., PE |
Flagstaff, AZ

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