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SDR Testimonials

“Your review course and study materials really helped me understand the concepts. The other engineers I work with all referred me to your materials unanimously. Big thanks to you for helping me achieve my PE license.”

Ethan N., PE | Yorba Linda, CA

“I wanted to thank you for the great prep course. After completing your course and following your instructions, the CSP seemed so easy to me, and I was able to finish it in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. That was my last exam towards becoming a California Civil PE.”

Kaveh A., PE | Woodland, CA

“I got results for the seismic exam I took last month and I passed on the first try! I wanted to thank you for your review course, I felt like it was extremely helpful especially for someone who had never touched seismic design before. Going into the exam, I felt prepared and that I knew the material very well. With your course, reference materials, and practice exams, I flew through the exam and had 45 minutes remaining when I got through all the questions to go back to double check ones I was unsure of (which were about 10 problems).”

Samantha O., PE | Oakland, CA

“There is a reason all of my senior engineers recommended I take this course. The lecture videos and quick reference sheets are well worth the investment. I passed on my first attempt and felt confident after walking out of the exam.”

Joseph S., PE | Vacaville, CA

"Great course that covers the perfect amount of relevant content without getting too in the weeds. Wouldn't have passed without it. Incredible e-mail responsiveness and communication when asking for help or assistance."

James E., PE | Richmond, CA

“Thank you so much for the exceptional course you provide. It is, without a doubt, one of the best classes I have ever taken!”

Benjamin S. | Galt, CA

"Thank you for what you do. There is zero chance that I would have passed this exam without your reference materials and webinar course."

John Z., PE | Bakersfield, CA

“Mr. Hiner made studying for the structural part of the PE fun and interesting. He presented the material in a logical way that was engaging, even to people like me who don’t have any background in structures. I found the materials he had meticulously put together for the course were indispensable during the exam. His webinar helped me learn a huge amount about structures in an organized fashion.”

Rachael H., MS, PE | Sacramento, CA

“I would like to say that I really enjoyed your course. You not only did a great job explaining the topics in class, but your workbook turned out to be a very, very useful tool in both studying for the exam and during the exam.”

Arturo V., PE | Beaumont, CA

“I wish I had taken your course sooner! Your workbook really breaks all the concepts down into smaller material that is a lot easier to digest.”

Francisco S., PE | Sacramento, CA

“Worth every penny to buy the webinars! I would not have passed without the additional commentary, handouts, and online CBT practice exam.”

Steven J., PE | Oceanside, CA

“The On-Demand course was invaluable and did a wonderful job explaining the more difficult concepts (particularly diaphragms) that reading text/example problems in the SDR Workbook just couldn't convey.”

Andrew C., PE | San Francisco, CA

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